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950mm High Mini Ramp

950mm High Mini Ramp

Built to order Mini 950mm high ramp made from all new materials.


Ramp comes with standard sheet set up. Diagonally placed top sheet can be installed as shown (for an extra smooth ride and a sexy appearance) for an extra $300.


Dimensions for the ramps as follows:

Height – 950mm

Radius - 7ff

Width – 2440mm

Length – 7,000mm (approx.)

Landing/Platform - 600mm


All quality new materials sourced from Local Suppliers.


Can do custom height, length and width on request, just drop us a line.


    Transition Struts – 90x45mm H3 treated pine

    Flat Struts – 70x35mm H3 treated pine

    Frame - 18mm WBP external plywood

    Ramp Surface - 9mm & 6mm marine plywood

    Landing - 9mm marine plywood

    Coping - 40nb (2mm wall) galvanised pipe (concealed fixings for smooth grinds)


    Price includes delivery within 30km of Perth CBD and installation only. Does not include any ground works to level the area to be installed in.

    Access needs to be reasonably straight-forward (no lifting over fences etc). Additional costs may be involved if difficult access. Please contact me to discuss if you have any questions or concerns.

    Delivery outside of 30km from Perth CBD on request.

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